The Other Side of the Camera with Amber Marlow

May 14th, 2013

Lately, I’ve been shooting a lot of portraits, so found myself curious about how other photographers approach it. Luckily enough, a few days later, my friend Amber Marlow asked for volunteers to try out some new techniques on.

Like most photographers, I’m not particularly comfortable in front of the camera, but I thought it would be worth it to see how Amber does her work. While that was useful to see, it turned out, the most educational part was something else entirely. See my new portrait below.


I love the way this came out and I was glad to see what Amber was doing technically to make it come together. That said, as soon as I saw the first couple of shots, the only thing I could think of was what looked ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ in my head about my own image. I was distracted by flyaway hair and the depth of my smile instead of the glare off my glasses and where shadows fell. It was very enlightening.

It sometimes drives me crazy when I show someone a picture I took of them and they miss what I love about the shot in favor of some slight aesthetic feature that’s neither here nor there. It was shocking to see how easily I fell right in that camp when it was my photo on the screen. In the end, Amber worked with me to get photos I really liked and that’s the most important thing.

So, in the end, I got even more than I bargained for: a great photo, some new lighting ideas and most importantly, a reminder that what I’m seeing isn’t all there is. A great lesson.

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