Aspen: Las Vegas in the Mountains

January 29th, 2007

Because 'Goodfella's' would be too ethnic
Whenever I travel, I like to seek out the local foods. I look for food that either I can’t get anywhere else or that is fresher or more authentic than anywhere else. Aspen has nothing like this. Every restaurant, high end or low, serves food that is culturally or physically imported. Fancier places offer lobster, sushi and oysters while the cheap ‘dives’ sell pizza and cheesesteaks, or facsimiles thereof.
Great effort has obviously been put into making the place look like the old mining town it probably was 100 years ago – a little too much effort. Aspen is up there with Vegas or Times Square in terms of pure artificiality. The historic aspects of the town are played up to the point of caricature. A walk through downtown Aspen reminds me of the town in Northern Exposure, except it’s spotless and the shop windows sell art and discount furs for $5000.
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