Zane’s Tavern

January 28th, 2007

Zane’s Tavern is the closest thing to down to earth I’ve found in the Aspen area. I came here last year when I spent a lot more time in snowmass.
Zane’s is divey in the best way. It’s not hipstery, self-conscious divey or chichi $50 pink trucker hat divey. It’s neighborhood bar divey. The bartender knows the regulars – and there are regulars, because the patrons aren’t just vacationing visitors – the folks who come here are as likely to be wearing name tags as snow gear.
I’m hardly the slummer who glorifies the ‘simple’ blue collar life as so much more ‘authentic.’ I think that’s condescending bullshit. Given the other options in the Aspen area though, it’s the most refreshing beer you’re likely to have.

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