Batala at Farragut Square

July 23rd, 2009

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I’ve found that when traveling, sometimes the most interesting experiences are the ones you just stumble upon unexpectedly.
Saturday, while we walked through DC heading down to a Museum from our hotel, we felt, more than heard the thumping beats of The Batala Washinton Percussion Band performing in Farragut Square.
Tammi and I joined the crowd that had gathered to watch these dozens of women pounding on their drums and feeling the rhythms flow through them.
Batala is an international network of groups that celebrate Afro-Brazilian rhythms around the world. This group is all women, but others, including the founding band in Paris are mixed.
If you’d like to see them, Batala Washington can be found rehearsing every Saturday at Farragut Square. They also have a number of performances listed on their calendar
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