Self-Promotion: Promoted!

July 31st, 2010

11A_0516 - Version 2
Those keeping track of these self-promotion posts will remember that I won an honorary mention for this photo earlier in the spring for this photo from last year’s Winter Market.
For my trouble, I received 20 rolls of Kodak Ektar film and the warm, fuzzy feeling of having my work appreciated. It was plenty and I was happy.
Then, I got a note from Kodak saying that one of the winners was disqualified, so I’ve been promoted to to Third place!
Oh, and how would I like my remaining 280 rolls of film.
Two Hundred and Eighty.
More. Rolls of film.
With 300 rolls to go through, expect more analog photos in your near future.
Update: Follow my progress and exploration going through The Ektar 300

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