Analog Montreal: Charcuterie Hongroise

November 28th, 2010

If you’ve been following Analog UltraClay, you may have already seen some of the recent photos I posted from Charcuterie Hongroise. While walking up St Laurent toward Schwartz’s on my last day in Montreal, I passed a few old school butcher shops that caught my attention.
It was the sausages hanging in the window that drew me in to boucherie hongroise. Montreal still has some of the old European style butcher shops that are quickly disappearing in New York.
See inside after the jump.

Walking through the shop and seeing all the house-smoked meats, I started thinking of all the Polish markets that used to be in in Williamsburg and The East Village that aren’t around any more. There are still a few here and there and I need to get out there and support them before they’re all gone.
After looking at there bacon slabs, I may have accidentally stuffed some in the bottom of my carry-on luggage to take home. I also may have chopped it into lardons and done something delicious with them a few days later. Maybe.
These sausages were so gorgeous, I can imagine more than a few tasty things I could do with them, not the least of which would be just tossing them on a grill and eating them straight, trying not to scald myself by not waiting soon enough for them to cool.
Also on the counter were amazing looking things like these crispy meats that could have been breakfast if I hadn’t already been committed to making it to Schwartz’s.
Clearly when I get home, I’ll have to make a trip to Greenpoint to procure some smoky awesomeness sooner rather than later.

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