Montreal: Mount Royal

November 18th, 2010

A month before wandering through the woods in North Carolina with my aunt, I was hiking up the trails of Mount Royal in Montreal. The park, designed by the man who designed Central Park reminds me of our big parks stacked on top of each other. Being built on a mountain literally adds another dimension to exploring the park. I walked down memory lane and got lost in the trees and the hills.
I don’t do nature and scenery often, so take it all in after the jump.

_MG_3836 - Version 2
It’s not like I’m looking to defect from the urban life or anything, but there’s a lot to be said about the peace of the silence found in the midst of all those trees.
_MG_3866 - Version 2
Aiming for the Belvedere Chalet, I pointed uphill and kept going until I found myself at a lookout point well above and off to the left of where I was trying to go.
_MG_3948 - Version 2
I did find my way to the chalet and relived a memory or two in the process.
_MG_4030 - Version 2
Walking into the chalet, I immediately wonder what it’s like in the dead of winter, surrounded by snow. If the weather weren’t so gorgeous when I was there, I’d have craved a big mug of hot chocolate.
Instead, I got to watch locals and tourists alike take in the beauty of the city and enjoy the sun.
_MG_4092 - Version 2
While I enjoyed my zig-zagging path up the trails that got me there, I was more than happy to take the stairs down when it was time to go.
_MG_4125 - Version 2

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