NC: Fatback by the pound

November 6th, 2010

Probably the most bizarre moment of my recent trip to North Carolina was when we drove up to this pick-up truck, I got out, reached in the back and took something like 15-20 pounds of fresh pork fatback. True story.
So, here’s the thing, while you might be able Liver Mush at the supermarkets in Chapel Hill, you can’t find pork belly anywhere. I even hit the farmers market looking for it, but was told that that there’s no demand, so they just use it all for bacon. (I think this all very odd in the land of biscuits, barbecue and Paula Deen)
Last time I was in Chapel Hill, I benefited from the different demands by finding a farmer who gave me 7lbs of fatback for $3. This time, I ran into him again and he had more he wanted to get rid of.

_MG_4305 - Version 2
The next day, he called me and told me that they were in a cooler in the back of his pickup truck and that I could just pull up and grab it.
I jammed it all in a bag and checked it on my flight home. Now I’ve got pounds and pounds of fat to render lard for pork confit, salt for lardo or do who knows what else with.


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