Hong Kong Food Finds: Curry Beef Brisket & Tendon with Rice

December 7th, 2010

_MG_2691 - Version 2
We landed in Hong Kong just before midnight. There wasn’t much exploring to be done by the time we got to the apartment and our friend whose house we were staying in was out of town, so couldn’t direct us anywhere. But we were both ravenous. We made our way to the nearby 7 Eleven in the hopes of anything to eat.
That’s when I an across this particularly interesting Food Find: Maxim’s Beef Brisket & Tendon with curry and rice. Adventures in TV Dinner after the jump.

_MG_2693 - Version 2
After so much airplane food, I can’t say that I was really excited to finish off 20+ hours of travel with yet another microwave meal, but when I saw this gem, I couldn’t pass it up.
It’s been a long time since I’ve cooked one of these things. I apparently screwed up one of the directions because the plastic looked like it was going to burst. An interesting thing. The instructions were for an 800 watt microwave – I have no idea what the standard US wattage is but this had to cook for 6 minutes which really concerned me. I put anything in the microwave at home for 6 minutes and there’s going to be a mess.
It was surprisingly good. It was also my introduction to beef tendon that was it’s really done out here. There are thick wads of cartilage cooked until they are tender and chewy. The curry sauce and the rice were filling, which I really needed at that point. Not bad at all.


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