Barcelona Observations: Spanish Time

February 28th, 2011

_MG_8273 - Version 2
Since we were only in Barcelona for four days, we didn’t try to acclimate to the time zone too much. Except the first morning, when I woke up early and took this and a few other sunrise photos from the roof of our hotel, we rarely got out before 1pm.
Most often, we’d start the day with lunch in the early afternoon, then tapas around 6-7pm, then dinner around 10 or 11pm. Occasionally, the night was finished with a late night doner kebab from one of the Turkish spots in El Raval near the hotel.
Our only real issue with the local schedule was the siesta period from 2 or 3pm to 5pm – invariably the exact times when we were hunting down a shop. We also had some difficulty finding open restaurants and bars Sunday night – the hazard of visiting a catholic nation.
We usually managed to get back to those places, but sometimes it took a few attempts.

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