Aspen: The food of BB’s Kitchen

March 23rd, 2011

The interesting part of my annual sojourns to Aspen has been tracking down the new restaurants and bars that pop up over the years. This year, I discovered BB’s Kitchen, which had only been open for a couple weeks when I got there.
I had a few great meals there and just missed the opportunity to photograph their meat operation for my butchery project. I spoke to the chef, Mark Buley about the restaurant and their plans to bring whole animal cooking to Aspen. If I’d written this post two months ago, I’d probably have a lot more details, but it’s all faded a bit, so I’ll let the food talk for itself after the jump.

_MG_3730 - Version 2
For my first meal there, I had the pork chop entree. Cooked medium, it was as juicy and wonderful as it looks.
_MG_3963 - Version 2
For breakfast another day, I had their take on a benedict – topped with pulled pork.
On my last day, before heading to the airport, I grabbed a meatloaf sandwich for lunch. It was very good, but paled in comparison to this amazingly delicious bit of warmed, freshly cured bacon that chef offered me a taste of.
With my Winter X Games trips coming to an end, I don’t know that I’ll have a reason to make it back to Aspen again. If I do, BB’s will be on my shortlist of places to return to again and again.
BB’s Kitchen 525 East Cooper Avenue, 2nd Floor, Aspen, CO (970) 429-8284


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