Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia

March 7th, 2011

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Much like our time at home, when traveling, we often mean to explore cultural attractions and sites, but usually end up spending more time exploring the local food and drink. I’ll walk for hours through neighborhoods tracking down hidden culinary delights, but the museum down the block from the hotel often gets missed. Sad, but true.
So, when we found ourselves with just a day left in Barcelona and we hadn’t been to La Sagrada Familia, I considered skipping it. But just briefly. I took my sister to see it 8 years ago and before that had seen it on my high school Spanish trip back in ’94. It is quite literally a wonder and not to be missed.
As a site that’s been under construction for a century, it’s been different every visit. Where I remember the various piles of marble and concrete stacked from my last visit, there is now a huge open hall, a pulpit, statues and gorgeous stained glass windows lighting much of the space.
If I was surprised, Tammi was blown away. The size and scope of the entire building, the beauty and the detail brought her to tears. Neither of us is religious, but walking through the place is a humbling experience.
This week on Tumbr, I’ll be posting photos from the La Sagrada Familia, inside and out.

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