Barcelona: La Cerveteca

April 20th, 2011

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If there’s anything I really find myself missing when traveling abroad, it’s the availability of good beer. In Barcelona, we imbibed in wonderful cavas and red wines, but when it came to beer, nearly the selection everywhere boiled down to international mass-market dreck and a few, slightly better imports like San Miguel, the Filipino beer I discovered in Hong Kong. If ever there’s an American beer, it’s the worst of the big brands that made it all the way across the Atlantic.
So, it caught my attention when we passed Le Cerveteca. It looks more like a shop than a bar and in the window, there were signs up with the logo for the Victory Brewing Co., a Pennsylvania-based brewery known for it’s quality, hop-laden beers.

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We only passed through the shop briefly, but I was excited to find shelves full of craft beer, seemingly unrepresented anywhere else in my travels.
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They even had Brew Dog, the hoppy British beer I discovered in Hong Kong on the shelves, alongside Rogue and others.
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I don’t often go out of my way seeking flavors of home when I’m abroad, but this is exactly the sort of place I want to keep in my mental rolodex for future visits. After all, there’s only so much yellow beer one can drink before you need a decent round of real beer.

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