Montreal: Dinner at Au Pied du Cochon

June 27th, 2012

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I wasn’t messing around when I planned out our recent trip to Montreal. From a month before, I made reservations for our first night at the legendary Au Pied du Cochon. No relation to the Parisian home of cheesy onion soup and pork spread, the Montreal restaurant is often seen as the flagship for Quebec’s special brand of rich, hearty, foie gras-laden cuisine.
It’s where Hugue Dufour of M Wells got his start and has, until recently, been THE destination restaurant in Montreal. These days, Joe Beef probably puts up a pretty good fight for that title, but more on that later.
For now, you can see our amazing meal after the jump…

Pretty much exactly how I feel after a meal at PDC.
This image, on the front of the menu is pretty much exactly describes the decadence of the experience. There’s just so much wonderfulness to be had, my biggest problem was figuring out how to fit it all in.
Honestly, much of the meal is a blur at this point, so I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves.
Tarragon Bison Tongue.
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Interestingly, this appetizer of asparagus, prosciutto, morels and cheese is the one that keeps coming back to me. It turns out, morels are awesome. I had no idea.
_MG_4996 - Version 2
I’m not sure what this was, but look at it.
Amusingly, Tammi decided to have the pork chop because she thought it sounded small. It wasn’t. Not even close.
My PDC Melting Pot, full of sausage and pork chunks and cheese and who knows what else was just too much for me after all the rest. I was so stuffed, I only got a couple bites in before I threw in the towel. Good lord it was delicious, though.
_MG_5105 - Version 2
I wasn’t the only one enjoying the visuals of the meal as much as the flavors.
Really though, the worst part of the meal was knowing that I can’t just swing by there whenever I want to explore other parts of the menu, like the huge seafood selection or the duck in a can or even just to have a snack at the counter and watch the action.

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