Montreal: Birthday Dinner at Joe Beef

July 11th, 2012

The culinary highpoint in a trip full of amazing food has to be the dinner Tammi and I had on my birthday at Joe Beef. A month after our trip to Montreal, I’m still drooling over the extreme and delicious meal we had there.
Rather than attempt to narrate the meal, I’m just going to give a visual recap of the spectacle after the jump. Enjoy!

_MG_5286 - Version 2
The chalkboard menu.
The bloody Caesar. What I like to call "Not Fucking Around" #food
A pre-dinner Bloody Caesar cocktail.
Burrata with cherry tomatoes on a cheesy tart. #food #canadagram
Tammi’s Burrata with cherry tomatoes on a cheesy tart.
Fried Eel Nuggets.
Foie Gras Double Down. Yes. Foie Gras. Fried. With house smoked cheddar and bacon in sandwiched between it. This was a small.
Tonight's wine: a bottle of carignan.
Three Trees Wine, a bottle of carignan recommended by our server.
My main course, also picked by our server, was a whole pigeon.
My veggie side, because you can’t eat all that foie gras without at least trying to eat something healthy.
Tammi’s Spaghetti Homard Lobster. A serious win. So good. And it’s inspired me to try to recreate it at home.
_MG_5362 - Version 2
Dessert sundae.
_MG_5476 - Version 2
After it was all done, we headed down the block for drinks at Liverpool House.

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