Lima Food Tour Intro

November 4th, 2012

With less than two weeks until we head to Peru, I’m looking back at last year’s trip and the adventures I neglected to document on the blog.

The vast majority of advice I got about where to go, what to see and how to get around in Peru came from Carolina Miranda. C-Monster, as I know her from the internets, has been a long-time acquaintance and is familiar enough with Peru to have been the co-ordinating author for the last few Lonely Planet guides to the country. Carolina was amazingly helpful all around, from advising the best way to acclimate to the altitude to insisting that we spend quality time in Lima.

To that end, she put me in touch with Arturo Rojas, a Lima local who leads food tours to places a traveler are pretty much never going to come across on their own.

Unfortunately, Arturo was spending the high season up in the mountains leading Inca Trail tours, so he couldn’t take us around Lima. The good news was that his brother Henry, a taxi driver, was available to take us to all the places Arturo thought we should go. The result was upward of 8 hours of exploring, eating and drinking that I won’t ever forget. This week, I’ll be posting about each of the stops on tour.

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