Lima Tour 1: Ceviche at Doña Julia

November 5th, 2012

The first stop of our Lima Food Tour was to an area called Chorillos to a place called Doña Julia. Henry said that it was somewhat legendary and known to have been a favorite of ex-president Fujimori. I don’t know how well known or popular it is, but we were the first to arrive that afternoon.

Get a look at the amazing food after the jump.


The space looked like someone’s living room. Very homey and comfortable. Tammi and I didn’t have any idea where to start, so Henry did all the ordering for us. We got three mains to share, which was way too much food. I wasn’t complaining.

_MG_3645 - Version 2

This paella-like dish was full of squid and shrimp.

_MG_3654 - Version 2

We also got a more standard ceviche, buried beneath a pile of citrus soaked red onions and veggies. So good.

_MG_3678 - Version 2

As good as that was, though, our favorite was this soup with more rice, an amazing broth and chunks of fish.

Each of these dishes were improved with squeeze after squeeze of lime juice, but the soup in particular shocked us by getting better and better as Henry added more.


All this was washed down with chicha morada, the purple potato drink that’s so popular down there.


I hijacked the proprietor as he was taking dishes out to other customers so I could get a shot of the whole fish they served as well.

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