Lima Tour 2: Market visit

November 6th, 2012

Stuffed with ceviche from Doña Julia, Tammi and I were suddenly wondering how the hell we were going to spend all day eating like this. Thankfully, Our second stop was more about looking than eating. Henry took us to a market to see the food, produce and of course, the meats.

If you’ve followed my butchery series, I shouldn’t have to tell you that things may get a little grisly after the jump, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Beyond all the food on sale, there were stalls selling everything from hair care products to toys, movies and who knows what else. Obviously, this isn’t what caught my attention. Instead, it was the chicken, or more accurately, hens that were split open and hanging on display.

_MG_4125 - Version 2

And yes, that guy was totally napping behind the counter.

_MG_4142 - Version 2

Each of the chickens on display had yellow ‘yolks’ dangling from them. It was something of a biology lesson that I totally didn’t expect. Eggs, in varying stages of development, were still attached!

When I asked Henry about this he totally didn’t understand my surprise. Chickens lay eggs. Why wouldn’t the chickens you eat have eggs?


The difference is that in the US, our chickens for eating and our chickens for laying eggs are different. If you go to ethnic neighborhoods, you might find ‘fowl,’ which is to say egg layers past their prime – and thus without eggs. But the idea of killing and selling chickens while they’re still developing eggs was pretty much unheard of anywhere I’ve been.

Since then, I did find a place in Chinatown that sells the ‘pre-eggs’ separately, so these things do exist here, just not anything like as widespread as I saw here.


_MG_3806 - Version 2



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