Lima Tour 3: Chifa – Peruvian Chinese Food

Chun Yion Chifa in Barranco, Lima.
November 7th, 2012

Americans tend to think we have the whole melting pot idea locked down. We forget that immigration happens even without the mythical American Dream as a shining beacon and all that. So, in the 1800, when Asian immigrants made their way to California and New York, they were also crossing the Pacific further south to places like Peru

That’s why when we were there posters were up throughout Lima for the failed campaign of Keiko Fujimori, daughter of ousted (and jailed) former president Alberto Fujimori. It’s also why one of the more popular ethnic foods in Peru is Chifa, their take on Chinese food. 

For the third stop on our Lima Food Tour, Henry took us to a Chun Yion, a Chifa restaurant in Barranco. Check it out after the jump. 

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We sat down in the slightly rundown space and had another heaping platter of food. With the decor of an old school chop suey joint, the food was about as authentic, reflecting as much about local Peruvian aesthetics and ingredients as actual Chinese cuisine. Honestly, it seemed a lot like the standard stir fry and wasn’t nearly as exciting as the ceviche from earlier, but it was still very good. 

In planning for our upcoming trip, I’ve found that Gaston Acuria, whose amazing Astrid y Gaston was our first dinner in Lima last year, has opened up a new chifa place called Madame Tusan. We’ll most certainly have to give that a try while we’re there.

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