Lima Tour 5: Picarones

© Clay Williams -
November 9th, 2012

After having to cut the Lima Food Tour short, Henry and I arranged to meet up to finish it off a couple days later. We started by heading to Kennedy Park, where a crowd of older folks danced to cumbia. We wandered through and watched the party while Henry explained the songs to me and I took photos.

As we got past the dance party, we made it to our first bite of the evening: Picarones.


Basically Peruvian doughnuts, picarones are rings of fried dough, served straight from the pan on a paper plate with a drizzle of syrup. They’re light and fluffy and the sweetness of the syrup is balanced by another flavor that I can’t place. It’s not nearly as intense as a maple syrup and just works with the texture of the rings.


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