Lima Tour 7: Magic Waters

November 10th, 2012

When Henry told me that we were going to make a stop at the highest fountain in the world, I can’t say I was particularly excited. As I’ve said before, ‘sights’ aren’t really my thing. I’m more of a ‘eat, drink and be merry’ sort of traveler than the landmarks and sightseeing sort. But, he was pretty excited about it, so I went with it, silently wondering what we were eating next.

When we got to the place called the “Magic Circuit of Water” I saw that it was more of a park complex, like a botanical gardens, but with water. Ok… Weird. I was curious. Turns out, the park was full of gorgeous sights that I’m really glad I got to see. See more of it after the jump.


The main attraction is a fountain that shoots god knows how far into the air. It holds the record for the highest fountain in the world, which is a thing I guess.


While the stats weren’t really that impressive to me, the visuals were pretty great, particularly at night.

_MG_6681 - Version 2

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