Lima Tour 8: Anticuchos by Grimanesa Vargas

November 14th, 2012

After our sightseeing, Henry and I made our way back to Miraflores for anticuchos. The grilled skewers made from marinated beef or veal hearts were high on my must eat list as soon as I heard about them. While some see a gross out factor in eating hearts, I’ve been all about the intense flavor they have. Firm, but not tough, they are ridiculously satisfying to eat.

Henry told me that Grimanesa, the lady whose cart we were visiting had a following, but I wasn’t expecting the crowd of easily a hundred people that we found when we got there.

_MG_6737 - Version 2

The cart is pretty much a double wide grill with flames shooting from it. Staff gingerly handled the skewers while somehow keeping their eyebrows. Grimanesa herself watched over the operation while being interviewed for a television show from Spain. Periodically, she jumped in to prep a batch of anticuchos herself.

_MG_7186 - Version 2

When we got there, Henry put in our order and received a number, about 30 or 40 away from the number being called at that moment. We waited and hung out with the entirely Spanish-speaking crowd for an hour or so before our skewers were ready. And when we got them, they were entirely worth the wait.

_MG_6847 - Version 2

The meat was more tender than any heart I’d tasted before. This could have been made of chunks of the most flavorful filet mignon ever. It had none of the iron taste that puts some off, yet it was still intensely beefy in flavor. Just thinking about it, I can’t wait to go back as soon as we get to Lima.

_MG_6752 - Version 2

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In the end, Henry wanted me to get a shot of him with the lady herself before we left.


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