DC: Brunch at The Pig

February 2nd, 2013

The day after the inauguration, Tammi and I were so beat from all the time on our feet that our plans of museum-hopping turned into a morning in bed napping and watching Netflix. Once we finally got outside, we were starving and had no desire to explore. Two nights before, the friends we stayed with took us to dinner at The Pig on 14th Street, a couple blocks away. We headed back there to find it open for business and serving brunch – perfect for a leisurely Tuesday off.


I started with a salad… topped with crispy pig ears. The crunchy, chewy strips of ears were sprinkled with a sweet and spicy powder and tasted like meaty barbecue potato chips. Glorious.


My main course was a croque madame, made with a poached egg dropped in a hole on the top of the sandwich.


Since it was clear we weren’t going to be exploring the town, we decided to linger for a couple hours until we had to head to the airport. As such, Tammi went ahead and ordered a pint of mimosa to nurse over the afternoon.

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