Lima Food Highlights

February 3rd, 2013

With only three days in Lima, we only had a handful of meals there, so we made them count. There wasn’t enough time to arrange another tour to the locals-only out of the way spots, so we mostly stuck to restaurants by the chefs that are making names for themselves in the region. See some of the best bites after the jump.


Cabrito was everywhere. We got to Lina just in time for the goat season. November is spring time in that part of the world, so nearly every menu seemed to have a baby goat dish on the menu. And all of it was amazing.

This one, with tacu tacu topped with broiled banana and dressed with a sticky, sweet sauce was at Rafael, but I had goat at no less that three of our maybe six or seven meals in town.

_MG_8247 - Version 2

Causas, thick, multicolored pastes of potatoes and other starchy veggies that Peruvians specialize in, are topped with ceviche and made all the more delicious in the process.

_MG_8296 - Version 2
Picarones, fried doughnut rings with an herby syrup, are still delicious.

_MG_9570 - Version 2

These Chicha morada and pisco sour marshmallows were a closing amuse at Central and capped off an amazing meal with a little fun. So awesome.

Bottom line: Lima is still a food wonderland. And I didn’t even go to any of my favored hole in the wall or street carts. High or low, it’s a great town to eat in.

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