Mendoza: Touring the Uco Valley

February 5th, 2013

Wine tours were clearly on the agenda for our time in Mendoza, but where to start? One the first day in the area, our host at Tikaykilla, the four room lodge where we stayed in Maipu, told us about the Uco Valley. An hour or two off toward the Andes, many of the big new wines coming out of Argentina are from happening out there.

The tour took us on a tour of three diverse wineries representing smaller and larger scale operations. We sampled some delicious wine, had a good meal and learned a fair amount about the process behind winemaking.

As always, see photos after the jump.

_MG_9722 - Version 2

We started out at Azul, the smallest of the set.

_MG_9652 - Version 2

_MG_9694 - Version 2

_MG_9805 - Version 2

_MG_9966 - Version 2

Stop two was Gimenez Riili, a longtime winemaker that is starting into the business of growing grapes as well. They work with The Wines of Mendoza, a tasting room in downtown Mendoza.

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We wrapped up with a trip to the amazingly large Salentein.

_MG_0257 - Version 2

_MG_0208 - Version 2

_MG_0495 - Version 2

Besides having huge amount of land, a piano in the wine vault and a restaurant, above, there’s also an art gallery, below.

_MG_0541 - Version 2

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